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Disposing of your old electronics means more than leaving it at the curb next to the city's blue box. Old computers, cabling, cell phones, hand-held devices, circuit boards, and industrial electronics have lead and other noxious compounds in them too. Did you know that your old shop floor and office electronics contain: Lead - Mercury - Cadmium - PCBs

Centre de Recyclage Électronique de la Montérégie

CREM is the fastest growing electronics recycling company in the province of Quebec, offering the most diverse recycling services for Businesses, MRC`s and consumers.

CREM offers the most drop off sites for consumers and businesses in the province.

More than just a health issue for you and your employees, improper disposal may also expose your company to fines and time consuming inspections. The average scrap dealer is not equipped to identify, isolate and process heavy metals and pollutants.


If treated properly, electronic waste is a valuable source of secondary raw materials. If not treated properly, it is a major source of toxins and carcinogens.


Let CREM dispose of your old electronics and general materials such as steel and aluminum.

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Offer electronic recycling services to your clients and community.  It's easy to  become a CREM affiliate.

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CREM announces the openeing of a second location, we are now in Quebec City!

New for 2012,  CREM is very excited to announce our expansion into Quebec City.  Our new Quebec city location is in the heart of the industrial sector.  We are offering full service Electronic recycling in Quebec city with pick up and drop off available by appointment only.


CREM is very proud of its collaboration with SRSOR (Les services de Readaptation du Sud-Ouest et du Renfort) .  SRSOR is a government sponsored organization that allows people with physical limitations and intellectual deficiencies the opportunity to integrate into a work environment.  This association is a first of its kind situation, where SRSOR will be physically located within a business.

CREM, Ecycle Solutions, and the Quebec electronics recycling Program.

Big News...  Ecycle Solutions Inc., one of Canada's Largest electronics recycling companies has acquired the Centre de Recyclage Electronique de la Monteregie.  This puts CREM, Ecycle and all their clients in a perfect position for the launch of the new Quebec provincial electronics recycling program set to launch July 14, 2012.  Please click here to read more about this very exciting new partnership and the Quebec electronics recycling program. 

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